Beat The Drum Orphanage Cottage

Beat The Drum and Tumaini represent 50 kids that need to be sponsored in very different ways. Beat The Drum kids are HIV/AIDS kids who need comprehensive sponsorship. These 20 kids need shelter, food, medication, education, clinic transportation, and clothing. It’s amazing how these kids, who were once sick and near death, are now happy and thriving. You can see it on their smiling faces as they have a safe, nurturing home, healthy food, and medicine critical to their survival. You can partner and help personally sponsor or co-sponsor one of these wonderful children.

Susan Nyambura
AGE: 19
SEX: Female

Susan’s father died, leaving a wife and three children, when Susan was just five. A year later, her brother died, and Susan and her sister were taken to Tumaini Children’s Home. Susan did well at first, but soon she began to get sick and had to be admitted to the hospital several times. She was afraid to return home and refused to return to school, so she began working with her mother as a laborer. Her sister petitioned for help so Susan could return to school, and last year she was admitted to Beat The Drum. At first, Susan was quite ill, but after getting on a drug regimen, her health improved and she is now doing well at the home and the school.

Tumaini Educational Development

The 30 kids that we sponsor to attend school at Tumaini Children’s Home come from villages all around the area. They are cared for by relatives, but their families cannot afford to send them to school. They attend as day-students six days a week, where they are served two meals daily and are provided with a school uniform. These kids and their caregivers are ecstatic about this educational opportunity. Because these children are sponsored as a community, you will not be assigned a specific child, but you will receive a picture of all of them to help guide your prayers.